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Todays Deal

Drinking 5 bottles of our DRINK IT AWAY Sachet formula will completely change your life!!
Do you feel tired often?

Don’t use the bathroom often?
Do you have a slow metabolism?
Suffering w/high blood pressure
Wanna lose the Gut and Keep the Butt
The #DrinkItAway 5n5 formula is for you!

Drink it Away 5n5 Formula

Hi, My name is Lena Berry! That is me in the picture.


Somewhere in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life I gained unwanted Belly Fat became Depressed and Constantly Tired because of the Toxins that were building in by body.  I felt like I was getting run over by a truck over and over again.   

I started drinking this detox and can honestly say I feel better now than I did in my 20's and 30's.


I Released a total of 10 lbs in 10days by consuming our Detox formula and then upgraded to one of Our Amazing Kits to lose 20lbs in 30days.  I was able to get rid of The Gut and Keep the Butt lol.  


Based on my weight loss journey, I have developed a plan to Help You achieve optimal results like I did!


2 Week supply $34.95

Our Detox Formula can help get that stubborn weight off and make you feel like a new person!

100% Natural      GMO Free          Halal


Remarkable things can happen when you drink our formula.


A world famous all-natural cleansing drink.  This drink will not


cramp your stomach or cause you to have diarrhea.  The DRINK


actually acts more like a general health tonic that often


improves many ailments including diabetes,


digestion/constipation,fatigue, allergies, mental fogginess,


chemicals from chemo, sluggish metabolism and weight gain.  


Some people call this drink a "MIRACLE DRINK", but this


cleansing and slimming drink is really just a special blend of


high quality herbs, tested and refined over time, which produce


fast and effective results! 

The Get Fit Kit

A Flatter Tummy

"Lose the Gut"
unflavored or fruit punch

Regain your good health now

I will be turning 60 soon and thanks to this drink I was able to Regain my good health, I've been able to control my high blood pressure and completely lower my meds, Lose weight, regulate my system and Feel Alive again.
Thank you Lena for what you do!!
Ms Brenda

Prefer a 20-30 day supply?

original instant
fruit punch instant.PNG
before and after
Drink it Away 5n5 Formula
lose weight-feel great

Want to Lose 20 lbs or more?  Send me an email to see the video and to be Matched with Your PERFECT KIT  and Meal Guide

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